The story told through fabric….

I spent many hours today at a fabric show. There are two or three vendors that never fail to help inspire a new conversation within myself that challenges what I think about who and what I am in relation to this work. Each of the vendors sells a different quality of goods; one is more straight forward, not too expensive, regular silk, once in a while something unique and wonderful pops up. The second one is a bit more special and the third the most special.  At one point I had four or five fabrics put together and they really looked so fabulous together. They were layers of color, pattern, texture…and that is the challenge for me. My color palette never really changes much. It goes from black to grey to white to creme and back to black with a little texture variation thrown in for  shine and impracticality.    

When those five fabrics where layered together, Matthew, who is one of the vendors said, "With this group of fabrics you can tell a story."  He was right, and the question since his comment has been, "Who's story will it tell?

One of the things I love doing most is creating wardrobes for people. Can you imagine having a collection of six or seven pieces designed just for you in a palette specific to what works with your skin tone, with colors, textures, patterns and shapes that work best on your body, with a sensitivity to your sensibilities? This  is how clothing used to be made. It takes time, patience and a vision. It takes getting out of our comfort zones and allowing our stories to be revealed in the way we present ourselves. 

This idea is emerging as a new mission….

Stay tuned...