…on the Italians

As some of you know fashion week(s) around the world are in full swing these days; New York, Paris, London, and currently Milan is on stage.  I can get so sucked in and in doing so, it is a mix of feeling completely lacking in talent, to true inspiration. To be better because the work is so incredible, so beautiful, so well crafted and so well funded. Aside from all that, in the end I take away the true art that I see in this work. I just finished looking at a few designers that I am not as familiar with. They are all Italian and I'm so blown away that I have to share their names….maybe you will agree…maybe not..

  • Antonio Marras
  • Ermanno Scervino
  • Gabriele Colangelo

to name just three. 


It is like the apprentice and the master. Each one of these designers was at one time the apprentice, and in some ways remain the apprentice. In our lives if we take an interest in our continuous development around our craft  and/or in our lives; always learning, discovering and hopefully applying that new found knowledge,  we can let go of the stories that we create that hold us back. We are able to create new stories for ourselves and which might even inspire someone else to look a little deeper, let go of a little more, rise to something bigger or better or newer, richer, more true. 

That is what  happens when I study the work of others…..I am still the apprentice...

Stay tuned.