…circles of support

Today as I was putting my house back in order after devoting so much energy to putting on last weekends show, I was thinking about our individual circles of support. I was pretty amazed and slightly taken aback as to how many people came out in that wretched weather on Saturday night to see my collection. It was heart warming and incredible.  

Each of us has a circle of people around us who will support us over and over again, because they see us/you doing something that you're/we're passionate about. I saw that not only directed toward me, but to the musicians ( DJ Bobcatt, Luke Williams) who came to be a part of this show, the people who are promoting the venue (Love City Love), the bartender (Matthew), models (Julia, Wysdom, Nan, Ann, Ayako, Alexa, Tia and Jennifer), hair stylist (Jennifer Coats), the friends who helped me hang lights and introduced me to Love City Love (Flaco) and greeted the guests (Joy Fortuny) and all the mini circles within the bigger circle. When our circles overlap it is a beautiful thing. Then it isn't just about you/us, it is about the group, the project, the collaboration. That is in the end what it is all about…collaboration. When we give our time and energy to others only good can come from that on so many deep, deep levels. 

So what I realized is that it is important to support each other so that circle of support can grow. 

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