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3320 Beacon Avenue South
Seattle, WA, 98144
United States


Fashion that functions in our modern world. 



Mia Fioravanti

I have been on a vacation/inspiration seeking adventure for the past three weeks. I have been in London, Devon, all around England and now I'm in Iceland… this is the land of mystery. A place so remote and untouched it is otherworldly. The landscape is giant, snowy, icy, rocky, muddy, full of heat, and spewing steam from everywhere. The textures are a mix of hard and soft, lichen crusted rock and green so green I can't believe it is real. The beaches are pitch black and the water the whitest white. The rivers are an icy blue and there is so much water that you can't believe there could be so much. Some of the rivers run hot, laying in hot water running over you is something out of a dream. This place is absolutely full of inspiration…from the new architecture of their music hall, the Harpa, to the ancient Viking culture, it has been a delight in making sense of it, and just letting it run over me like the hot river water...

Stay tuned...