..on staying focused... on what's working

...it is so easy to loose focus on what's working. Why is it so easy to go down the rabbit hole, as they say, into that place of confusion and chaos?  Going down the rabbit hole is a term used to describe that feeling of loosing control, entering a state of confusion and chaos, as in Alice in Alice in Wonderland when she fell down the rabbit hole. Some also refer to the term in the use of hallucinogenics, which some also say that Lewis Carroll used while writing Alice in Wonderland...how I digress. 

Anyway, I learned a technique the other day about how if we can hold our focus on everything that is working; abundance, love, joy, heart, everything that is great for just 17 seconds at a time, then we will attract the same back to us. It is a proven technique that is used in what is called the Law of Attraction. Now whether one believes in this concept or not...Wow! what a concept, how easy is that?  Well...perhaps easier said than done..because what if we all did that just once a day..how would that change your world, and the world around you? Could be amazing. I am giving it a go...  

Stay tuned, will let you know how it turns out. 

Happy Halloween and All Souls Day!