..on thinking about the holidays....

..The holidays are just around the corner..the stores are already decking the halls, and we will have to once again suffer through two months of holiday music.  Actually my favorite in recent years was a CD that a friend sent of Bob Dylan's Christmas music.

In my business I am gearing up for a holiday trunk show in early December hoping that all the women who attend will fall head over heels for my offerings and snatch up every last item on the rack. That would make me very happy and with hope, them very happy.  In these days of ratings, and reviews, it is always good to get good feedback, directly or not.  I recently asked for that kind of feedback because I am getting a press package ready so I can reach out to a wider audience. Promote myself, garner attention, reveal my best qualities and in essence offer to the world what I see as my gift in this life.  

So I suppose that the holidays for me are a mixed bag. On one hand it is a time to do a lot of business, which means being very busy. On the other it is a time for reflection on one's year, and looking toward the new one to come...and finally it is time to be grateful for the gift of living the life of one's choosing.  

Here's to the holidays!