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Fashion that functions in our modern world. 

blog as art

Mia Fioravanti I was reading an old magazine article I had saved written about Maria Cornejo who is the designer behind the label Zero + Maria Cornego.  She has been designing clothing for a pretty long time. She started out in New York with a  tiny studio/store that was purely concept driven, creating unique but wearable clothing that stood outside the norm...she has moved on to open many stores and is well-known and respected in the design world. I love her clothing. 

We have this body and how we dress it can be so revealing about who we are. It is always a bit of a struggle not wanting to 'present', and yet 'reveal' at the same time,  who we are through what we choose to put on our bodies. It really is just as easy to put something interesting on as not. What prevents people from being interesting?  What is interesting? It is all a matter of perspective...

Clothing design has often been referred to as a craft. I don't know about you, but when I look at what comes out of couture houses around the world, that to me is not craft but true artistic expression, and it's continuous, and on schedule. It is also a collaboration of dozens of people putting countless hours into creating those garments.  Works of art. 

So the question remains; clothing = clothing or clothing = art... for one of my dresses in the Marketplace section in the Sunday Seattle Times - October 13, 20013...

stay tuned...