...what's the story?

I was watching a documentary on Diana Vreeland last night, and what I really admire about her, is that she was not formally educated in the work of an editor, followed her 'feelings' about things, was not afraid of taking a risk, was outspoken, opinionated and told half-truths. She also loved telling stories with clothing, sets, design...that that was the thing...the story was the thing..and the setting, model. and other elements were there to support the story, and the clothing of course. 

As I get ready to roll out what I have in mind for spring '14 and then again for fall '14, I contemplate the story.  What is the story behind this clothing....what is the story that is being told when it is worn?  What is that woman's story. Who is she when she wears my designs? I suppose that is what a brand is all about. What is the umbrella idea and how do all the elements support that overarching idea?

I love pondering these questions, I think they are bigger than how they apply to clothing, my designs, the brand...but to our lives. Clothing speaks volumes about culture and class. It is history, economics, political, emotional, physical....so much is wrapped up in what we put on our bodies and how we choose to present ourselves to the world.