What's going on in there? A clothing store with a hint of home...

Mia FioravantiComment

Perhaps best described as a lifestyle store... that is the question and the short answer...I get a lot these days.

We are taking over a space on Beacon Hill in Seattle that has been shuttered for 15+ years and all of a sudden something is happening! The transformation has been nothing short of fantastic, and we are in the final stages of getting our studio/storefront open. It always takes longer, costs more and if you live in your fantasy world like I do, the reality is always different than what is imagined. 





It is a beautiful spacious space with 12 ft. ceilings and walls that go on forever. Perfect for art shows, photo shoots, presentations and gatherings of all kinds. This is nothing short of a lab...a place that is large enough to be flexible, open enough to hold small events, and our vision is to operate on several levels. We are first a women's clothing store, and under that category we sell our own very edited line, and make custom special occasion clothing; wedding gowns, brides made dresses and the like...all usually out of the ordinary on some level. Added to that, we are working on a men's line that could be best described as functional lounge wear, that could also be viewed as unisex...and not to leave out the wee ones in our lives,  we will offer a small selection of baby/young child wear. As organic as possible and at the least all natural fibers.  A combo of outside sourced brands and our own designs. 

We will carry a little bit of home... We love linen; linen bedding, bath towels, aprons, table cloths and napkins. This also means we will be able to offer custom on color and size. We will be offering our brand of vintage; things we find along the way that speak to us and beg-to-be-bought one-of-a-kind objects.

And last but not least, we will hold classes in sewing. They start in March and the first class is on basic sewing skills. You can find that information on our events page, more on that later.

Keep on the look out for our very soft opening, hopefully by mid to end of next week, February 19th ish... and a much larger, more grand opening in March. This is an ever expanding work in progress and an ever morphing experiment in living an artistic life...

Stay tuned and enjoy...

Mia and Wysdom