new year, new space.

Every space has its use. The thing about space is that it has to accommodate the activity within. We have been in a shoe-box sized space for 19 months. It has been very cozy and a perfect size to experiment. Now is the time to expand into a larger space to visualize, realize and accommodate our vision and activity.

A space that we have been coveting and meditating on for a long time just became available at the end of '15. It is the 15-year plus shuttered space next to Bar Del Corso on Beacon Ave. S. We just signed the lease!  It is currently being renovated. The 12-foot ceilings, wood floors and entire storefront exposure is beyond our wildest dreams and we are beyond excited to grow into this fantastic new space in this new year.  

Our projected "soft" opening will be mid-February...we are in intense doing mode.

Stay tuned and enjoy..