....what is the meaning of success

Today on my morning walk with the dog, I pondered the age old question of what the meaning of success is....to me, and how do others define their own success.

What conventional wisdom will say is that success is defined by how much stuff you have, and of what quality is that stuff...house, car, clothes, trinkets...where did it come from, what store, what label, what brand...can define quality. When is enough enough, and when we reach that enough place is that success? 

A friend of mine once told me that that I am here is a success...I failed to ask her whether that meant my mere existence or that I figured out to have a studio in a cool building and I am doing what I love...whether or not my bottom line checks out or not...I suppose she is right either way...that we even make it through this life relatively unscathed is a success for much of the world. 

Some of us are made to succeed in the business world. Some of us are made to succeed artistically...some of us.....fill in the blank....

So as I was walking in the door after my walk, I realized that indeed I am a success. That I survived to this point, that I am doing what I love, that that love changes often, sometimes daily, yet i show up, and I am happy with how I spend my days. 

viva la vida!

stay tuned....and enjoy.