....on working as a team

Mia FioravantiComment

Once upon a time, long long ago when I was younger and full of myself,  I wanted to be recognized for me...time has taught me some very important lessons about that. While it is necessary to believe in yourself in order to achieve  success in what you pursue, it is also necessary to recognize that we rarely get there by ourselves. 

This summer has been one of those pivotal turning points in my business and understanding what it means to be working as a true team. The collaboration that happens and the ideas that flow through listening, developing and executing our ideas, comes from working together and communicating our needs, wants, desires and how we see it coming to life.

My daughter Wysdom is back, and she has brought an arsenal of talent with her. Her unwavering support and patience is amazing and we work well as a team. Our intern Jishnu, has been such an integral part of our workings this summer...he has been amazing. He is organized, focused and keeps everyone on task. We will miss him when he goes back to school in August. 

Our entry into making custom wedding dresses just keeps getting better and better and the dresses we are making are so individual and stunning....it is very exciting.

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Stay tuned and enjoy.