…on intermingling,interwining and perfection.

Mia FioravantiComment

…the intertwining of leaf and branch, species, color, shape makes nature one of or maybe THE most consistently magical place to seek inspiration.

Sitting in my backyard thinking this morning, I was looking at the olive tree. How beautiful the color , the leaves the shape, the bark. Then I noticed how the grape from the neighbors vine was just beginning to connect with the olive and work its way into the tree - in this one spot now there is an intermingling of the two.  Their shapes together, along with color, texture, personality, nature. This intertwining has created a new aspect of both plants. Making this new coming together even more interesting. 

When I recognize these things, I tend to relate them back to basically two ideas; design/clothing/textiles and then society. How that interplay relates to design on so many levels; in textiles, in the layering of clothing, color, shape and then how we intermingle, and intertwine with others through culture, language, nationalities, intermarriage, the list is long…and how this, in my opinion, is when the true and perfect are able to emerge. The blending and re-creation and then there is something new.

The combining of all this and what it creates is always, always, always….perfection.

Stay tuned and enjoy...