…vintage vs. modern vs. classic

...I was with a good friend the other day and she was talking about how the same clothes that she  wore 10 or more years ago don't look right  anymore. Not because they are out of fashion, but because of her age. She asked what I thought of that. I responded with that I think as I get older I want to be more modern and minimal in how I dress. If I reach back into my past, for me it feels like I am trying too hard to recapture a time in my life that simply has past. I think that might be the reason why women dress more simply when they get older, and go to a more classic style. Trying too hard to follow trends and keep up is exhausting and in the end what are we left with? A closet full of clothes that really don't meet any need for long. 

I think that the classic clothing that we are all familiar with is a safe bet…one sort of always look good and reasonable but in my opinion sort of boring…so.... how do we find what resonates with us and makes us feel fresh without dressing like someone in their 20's or ??…If you are one who pays attention to fashion trends, it is very easy to track what's next. It is like watching the decades repeat themselves over and over in what might be a fresh take on an old idea…is there a fresh take on bell bottoms? Maybe…but they are still bell bottoms. 

I keep going back to the uniform idea. Finding the shape(s), color(s), pattern(s) that suite your body, style and lifestyle is key. I work with women from all walks…the executive who is either in her work clothes or work-out clothes and there is not a lot of in between…the woman who lives a more casual lifestyle and everything crosses over, there aren't a lot of boundaries from day to night, weekday and weekend…it is one big mash-up style wise. It is taking that "look" that works for you and adding something new, a twist.

Recently I was in Mexico…I drew a lot of inspiration from my time there. The one item of clothing that made the most impact this time was the poncho. That one ubiquitous piece that permeates a culture and is a classic from way way way back, and it is still relevant, beautiful, functional…it is also modern. It is all in the way it is worn and fabrication. So currently my uniform consists of a pair of great fitting jeans, my white shirt and a poncho… classic, modern and super vintage all wrapped up in three garments.

What do you think?

Stay tuned and enjoy..