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Fashion that functions in our modern world. 


…on what is a collection?

Mia Fioravanti

Every morning I usually spend an hour or sometimes more doing research. I look for inspiration and ideas. What usually happens is a question comes up for me to ponder and figure out how it applies to my life and the work I do, how I spend my time and do I really have a clue as to what I'm doing or am I simply fooling myself…

This morning I found a couple of sites which provoked ideas that I have been thinking about for a while now, which is always great to find that that thought is out there being thought by others. My thoughts have turned toward the idea of a "collection". What does that really mean?  In its old French; colligere = gather together. Right now all the shows are beginning with the new collections from all around the globe. Some of these collections are 42 - 50 looks. That is an enormous number of garments to form a collection 2 - 4 times a year. Is the collection idea dead? Or is it even relevant anymore? A while ago I was playing with the idea of one garment per month to make up a collection of clothes one gathers over 12 months. More like when we collect a particular type of pottery, or pieces of art, or a collection of socks or whatever it is one loves to collect.  That really the clothing in your closet is your personal collection, not a new idea…and how does this all fit together. 

For me as a designer it is not how many pieces I design, it is how long the pieces I do create remain relevant and useful in our lives and to the times. 


Exploring and pondering...

stay tuned and enjoy...