..The Spring Narrative….

Mia Fioravanti1 Comment

..every now and then we have a dream that makes such an impact that it overtakes all of our thoughts and we try to find the deeper meaning because it is so impactful…I had such a dream  about two weeks ago. 

The nature of my clothing design is more of a collection of pieces that morph from one season to the next which essentially stays the same with variations on the theme…some details change, fabrication changes but the basic shapes usually remain. It is simply unsustainable to create completely new collections twice a year for me. I am more interested in the longevity of a design..eventually I will tire of it and will let it go and replace it with the new, or change it into a design that feels fresh and new. It has always been a challenge to define a season for me because most of what I do is seasonless. 

In this dream, I was walking over to my studio and when I walked in I discovered that all of my things were gone…neatly covered and set in the back yard of the building. In place of my things  was a moss covered alter on one wall. The blocks, and rocks, bricks and wall was all mossy and it was lit in a magical way with fine jewelry displayed…that was all there was in my space.

I went to find my landlord and I was met by one of the printers here with "You can't be here anymore"…much to my surprise I thought I had done something really wrong and had to find my landlord who was always just out of reach…I found myself in the back yard that connected to a  very wide and long path that was paved with very old pavers covered in wet moss and each step was at least 10 feet deep and the path was about 20 feet wide. It bordered houses. I started on the path and was met with young children running in loose fitting white and colorful clothing. I kept up with them but they took off laughing…the sound of childhood laughter that is a both filled with delight and mischief.  The pathway was divided by really large old growth deciduous trees with water soaked dark bark, no leaves and silhouetted against a moonlit sky. I keep trying to find my way back and each time the house would disappear….and all the time I have on a long and loose black turtleneck sweater with no pants on….why is that….so disturbing..

In trying to define this upcoming season; Spring/Summer, the imagery that keeps coming back and almost haunting me is this moss covered world of water, dark trees, new growth and the world of green…loose clothing, in light fabrics.  I have always defined my work  by the form following the function, utility and longevity. 

The words that describe this upcoming season are all that and also a bit of frivolity; kimono, muumuu, wrapped and tied, easy, buttoned up, buttoned down and not buttoned up and  down, shirts, shirt dresses layers, rolled up sleeves, small collars and cuffs. white, indigo, blue,  black, and cream; cotton, denim, linen and voile.

Stay tuned and enjoy!