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…long ago and in another age I was in design school. I was 21 and took off for a week to attend the Aspen Design Conference. That year the keynote speaker was Gail Sheehy and her book Passages had just come out. More remarkable personally for me was that somehow I found myself in the company of some of the biggest names in the world of design; Milton Glaser, Saul Bass, Moshe Safdie,  Jacquelin Robertson…to name a few. I didn't really get how important all these people were at the time. I was just riding the wave of youth and good fortune.

I recently saw a piece on Milton Glaser the other day and just had to share it because I think so highly of him. 

There is a wonderful essay on genius by Robert Graves in which he talks about how we’re born with genius and it becomes our companion in life…This genius accompanies you throughout your life and if you respect your genius and listen to it and nurture it, it will grow with you and guide you…Your genius can go away if you treat it badly or have contempt for it…When people talk about “selling out “ what they’ve really sold is their genius.  They might have said, “I’m tired of listening to you,” or “I don’t like what you’re telling me,” or “I need money,” or whatever.  The sellout of the self, I guess, is the sellout of one’s genius.  It really means you no longer care about your best self, about your talent, or about your ethics, or about your belief.   -Milton Glaser

This is so brilliant and true and what I have been trying to do; not selling out…how difficult that is in this world we live in today...

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