…changing gears, staying in neutral...

Mia FioravantiComment

I have been having really interesting conversations with women about clothing lately…I have loved clothing, fashion, the craft of making and being a maker all my life. I don't remember a time when I wasn't making something; clothing, art, shoes, gardens, interiors, photographs…pretty much that has been the common thread, no pun intended, throughout my life…and it continues.

For years I loved making very special, beautiful, pretty, clothing..there was always a twist but at the core of the garment was that it was good…on all levels; good fabric, design, color, fit etc. etc. etc. I still love making those same types of garments however the landscape has changed, I have changed, women have changed. These days I am much more interested in exploring how women get dressed in the morning and for what reasons. What is their uniform, is it of their own choice or is it chosen for them due to job, position, expectations? 

I have been making a wardrobe for an executive lately, and at a moment when we finished she said, "You design clothing for women, not young girls." I took that as a supreme compliment. That is who I am designing for…women. There isn't really an age put on that word, it is more of an attitude and a standing in life. Women of all ages wear my things, however it is doubly important to be making things that not just young women can pull off. 

So I am still into making those pretty designer dresses, and I am also currently in love with making things which are pretty everyday clothing..clothing that sets you apart from the crowd but in the best way. Not too loud, but certainly worthy of a look, finding that edge but not so edgy that it makes you unapproachable…on the contrary..it invites approach…the best kind.

Stay tuned...