...Everyday fashion

When I walk around and observe people and their fashion...I have to ask the question, "How does it (fashion) translate to the everyday?" In this apartment building there are 30 studios with diversity that equals that number at the very least....so in this mini microcosm, how is 'fashion' interpreted in the way each person dresses everyday?  On Saturday at the Berkeley Flea Market, I asked the same question...going to the Berkeley Bowl to shop yesterday was yet another opportunity to observe, or Bay Street Mall, at the massive Ikea, all opportunities to observe. Compared to what is shown in our fashion magazines, how does what we see trickle down to the street level, if it ever really does?  

Even though we troll the latest and greatest, what I see doesn't really translate, at least directly. I suppose that is what 'street' fashion is all about. What is presented by designers is sort of this idea plucked out of the collective unconscious.  A wave of ideas that float around, and if one is paying attention can pull it out of that wave. That is why I think when the collections are presented they tend to have a similar trend. I don't think designers are copying each other, I think it is actually how ideas circulate.  

So on the street, I see it as a mix of old, new, sleek, rough...and everything in between.. I find it fascinating, interesting, and just one way of viewing the continuing commentary on society.