...Wysdom moves out

Mia FioravantiComment

Today is the last day for a while that my youngest daughter Wysdom will be living at home. She is moving to San Francisco to continue her studies at the Academy of Art University in Fashion Design.  Her absence will be missed dearly, and we are all cheering her on to take this big step out... 

When Wysdom was little nothing gave her more pleasure than to dress up in very fancy clothes, the fancier the better and stay in those all day. She loved dressy dresses as everyday wear and especially if they made a huge circle as she twirled, because she was a dancer from the time she could stand, and maybe from before that.  

These days she isn't so much into twirling around in taffeta or silk, but she is very good at designing and lending her voice of reason to my sometimes unreasonable approach..after all, she is the one getting the formal training in this business, I took a somewhat back door approach, which I have done with most things in my life.   I am going to miss that voice and I am excited to hear how that voice changes as she moves on from the confines and safety of home. 

Bon Voyage Wysdom....