We at FIORAVANTI feel strongly about the health and happiness of our four-legged friends. Our immediate goal for this fund is to rescue four adorable, loyal and loving dogs from Turkey. They are just four of hundreds of dogs in need. They are largely living on the streets and have been cared for by a friend of ours for two years and now they need to find loving, caring homes. We want to bring them here! We are in touch with several agencies who are helping us figure out the process. What is required; healthy dogs, approved crates for flying, health certificates, a plane ticket and an agency on their end to make sure they are transported safely. All of this is estimated to cost about 1500. per dog. On this end we are seeking people who want to take these great dogs in and love them like they will love you!

We will be donating 5% of all our sales to this fund and if you are inclined to give, we urge you to go to our gofundme campaign and give to your hearts desire. All the money we raise will go to bringing these guys here one or two at a time. https://www.gofundme.com/mvc.php?route=search&term=bodrum%20rescue%20dogs!

Thank you in advance for considering our fund for your donation dollars!

All of us at FIORAVANTI