The Mill skirt grew out of the desire to take something on a trip to Mexico that would allow me to carry my passport, some money, a little of this and that, and move around hands free. So I made a very rudimentary version of what you see here. The fabric was pretty flimsy cotton, and it had a very unstable zipper.  I put the incorrect hardware on the belt so it didn't really stay closed. To say the least it worked, but then it didn't work. Not to be deterred, I came home and worked on the design. I found a slightly heavier denim twill, figured out I needed O rings or D rings, not what I originally used, and the leather needed to be a bit tougher. The pocket became less bulky, yet roomy. What I came up with was a little sleeker, and a more functional version.  

I have been testing this almost daily since, and the skirt just works. It goes over leggings when I go to Pilates,  over jeans when I want a little more coverage. It works with boots, sweater and tights. It even works on a dressier level over an interesting pair of silk pants. This skirt is as rugged as a pair of jeans which is perfect in the garden, doing projects, hiking, and riding the bike around. It is also pretty great looking on all kinds of bodies, and across the ages. The kinds of women who have purchased this skirt include visual artists, designers, editors, housecleaners, gardeners, sightseers, travelers, welders, jewelry makers, writers, athletes, students, mom's with name just a few. The ages range from 20's to 60's...

It is meant to be worn at the high hip, and it is made in two lengths; mid-thigh and mid-calf. It can come with or without pockets, and it can be made custom for lefties... It comes in a variety of fabrics, however my mainstays are bull denim twill, japanese selvage denim and heavy wool and men's suiting wool. The belt is cow leather and has a locking zipper on the pocket. I will create limited editions of this skirt in novelty fabrics that inspire me. Right now I have some in Chanel wool knit that are really really cool….and warm.

What you see represented here is the skirt in textured  wool and the long  in men's suiting. 

The mill skirt is functional yet stylish, practical yet hip.. 

 small - medium - large and custom sizes

The lengths are short - 15" / long - 32" and custom lengths