Slow Food, Slow living, Slow Clothing.....slow dow

The idea of of the slow movement started with a fellow in Italy named Carlo Petrini in 1986, with slow food. Since then this idea has permeated every aspect of our lives. It is really nothing new, just re-imagined.


I grew up when life was much slower. My parents moved slower, we lived in a little town, food was home-grown, and home made. Many of our clothes were also made by hand, and things were simple. I hear from younger and older people how complex our lives have become.

I was in Sonoma County visiting an old friend a few years back and she was in the slow food movement there. I was very excited about that, and then had the opportunity to host a gathering with a bunch of strangers in Seattle around Nocino, an Italian liqueur made from green walnuts.  

Since that event, my life has slowed. Now we are in our store and it is evolving slowly. What we are choosing to do is create a place based on a simple lifestyle. Nothing here is extraneous. Clothing made of mostly natural fibers by our own hands, or the hands of a small manufacturer in Sodo. Linen bedding, bath and kitchen items, simple organic baby clothing, wool toy animals for the young around us and in us, wedding dresses made to order in a collaborative way, organic Beacon Hill made soaps either naked or felted and AAA organic, truly free-range, locally raised chicken and duck eggs and more... It is a place that invites you to linger...see, smell, taste, touch and feel. To be in a space that is filled with soft light, comfortable chairs, books to be inspired by, industrious people with lots of ideas enthusiastically living an artistic life. That is the kind of place we are creating.

We hope it resonates with you.

Stay tuned and enjoy.