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3320 Beacon Avenue South
Seattle, WA, 98144
United States


Fashion that functions in our modern world. 


…on ponchos, sarapes, virgins, saints and angels...

Mia Fioravanti

Just back from a 10 day trip to San Miguel de Allende in Mexico. It always amazes me when you ask…there is a 50/50 chance the answer will be no…in my case it was a yes. It was yes so many times over this trip that it is remarkable. I found myself in the land of astonishing beauty at every turn...people who were gracious, welcoming, accepting and enthusiastic for life.  The artistic community is rich with diversity and ideas pouring out from everywhere. There is an attitude of I-can-do-this there.

Some people go there with very little, some have a lot. The people who live there are the same…some have a lot and some have very little but somehow it all seems to work. Everyone is busy doing their lives… 

I had a trunk show there and it was a huge success..and now I have a store who is carrying my things; Mixta…one of the best stores in San Miguel. I feel lucky, happy and have come back riding the wave of inspiration that comes when you go away from the familiar, and when you are willing to ask the question and be open to the answers that come your way...

stay tuned and enjoy...