…on connecting the dots

Tonight I was watching the movie, "Under the Tuscan Sun"…not the greatest movie but I wanted to be transported to another landscape and language and this movie is really beautifully shot. Anyway, there was a line at the end where Señor Martine reminds Francesca  that she told him when she bought Bramasole what she wanted to happen in her home in Cortona, and she got everything she asked for. She had forgotten….

If we are paying attention, we can look back and in doing so, connect the dots.. Each moment is another dot in the long chain of dots that becomes our life story.  So this post is about being grateful for one's life - connecting the dots from one thought to its manifestation - and how what is manifested is yet another dot.

The studio/store front I just created is one of the big dots on my chain.

Come and visit…I have a nice chair for you to relax in, read magazines and chat with me. Maybe we will come up with something wonderful to make!

Stay tuned...