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3320 Beacon Avenue South
Seattle, WA, 98144
United States


Fashion that functions in our modern world. 


..on relevance and beauty

Mia Fioravanti

...last week I did a presentation in front of a panel of people to hopefully be chosen to participate in a show this fall.  You might know how it feels to speak in front of large groups and when you are done there is a feeling of having just done a little dog and pony show. Selling yourself is easy for some and very nerve wracking for others. I am sort of in the middle. I have had to speak in front of large groups and while doing so, be evaluated on every move;  voice quality,  gestures, eye contact... and if that isn't crazy….anyway at the end of this sell…I realized that the two qualities that I want to 'sell' are to remain relevant, and to create beautiful things to make women feel beautiful. That I am so not interested in "fashion" for fashions sake…or trends that come and go in a minute. I love the idea of morphing…that there is a change but the change is slow and thoughtful.  Something changes because that piece has gone beyond being relevant. Rick Owens is a little like that…his basic philosophy is that if you are looking for radical change every season, then he is not the designer to follow. He pretty much does a variation on the theme. He is so sane...

Sanity, Relevance, Beauty..

Stay tuned...