On the evolution of a garment...

I am in the midst of getting ready for a very important presentation on Feb. 8th. If you read this and are interested in coming , please let  me know…or not..there is magic in numbers so it is great to have many, and hopefully those many are the many that should be there in the first place…I digress.  

What is amazing to me is when you ( the collective you) think you've got it; It is all there, the thing that is being done is perfect, and then….it is put to the test. In my case it is when I have a real person step into the garment I am making, and at that moment it's either  perfect or it needs work. Usually things need work of some sort. The basic structure is there, the idea is clear but it is not perfect and then the real problem solving begins.  A tuck here, a pleat there, taking in, letting out, how to make it close properly, how is this person going to get in and out with ease. How is it going to move when she walks, sits… the conversation with that garment is endless and so interesting. If one listens it will tell you what you need to know.

See you at the show!