...it's like bike riding

Mia Fioravanti4 Comments

Many years ago, I spent a lot of time on my bike. I was training for the first Ride The Rockies bike tour and I was lucky enough to be one of the 1000 to do this 350 mile ride across Colorado....six passes (12 to 14k ft high) in seven days, day one 100 miles...whew, that was a lot of riding and there was a lot of training involved, three months everyday, a pass a weekend for at least a month. Needless to say, I was in good shape..the best of my life!  

How does this relate to today? Last week I had a small trunk show/fashion show hosted by a friend of mine. She was gracious enough to clean out her large living room, set up enough chairs to allow 30+ guests to sit and watch my 20 minute show.  It was great! The clothes looked really good, the models were beautiful, the audience appreciative and the music interesting and appropriate. All in all, a job well done by all.....and it was like bike riding up all those passes.  Everyday for the past three months I have been climbing up a pass only to go to bed, and wake up to another pass to climb.  Once you get to the top of the pass it is so fabulous to fly down the other side, totally forgetting what you just had to do to get up to the top....doesn't matter the downhill is so fun!  

So I reached that goal only to be faced with yet another pass to climb...keeping the momentum up, reaching those clients, cultivating new contacts, designing more clothing, developing developing and more developing.  It really never ends, and that is the good news......

Stay tuned...