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Fashion that functions in our modern world. 


...on how we look

Mia Fioravanti has occurred to me lately that in order to get anything noticed, one has to become  more and more creative.  Sometimes that really is hard...however in some ways that is exactly what is needed.  I see a lot of people who appear to be content with mediocrity.  Then there are encounters that make me rethink that whole concept...... I know a man who might be considered to be very eccentric.  One day I said to him that he is only dressing like that to be noticed, and he said in reply, "If that was my goal then I would study the latest fashions and dress that way, then I would be noticed."  I think that is a very thought provoking statement on many levels.  Is it about ego, art, being ourselves....that we dress a certain way...

When I was a teacher every now and then someone in the school would get head lice.  Not a big deal, kids get it really easily.  The problem with lice is that is spreads quickly, especially in schools.  So when this happened the kids wore headscarves to protect themselves until the problem was solved. I had one young girl who hated wearing scarves and in trying to get her to wear it I said it wasn't a big deal, better than contracting lice and hey, you will look like everyone else.  She said in reply, "The whole point is to NOT look like everyone else."  

Two very different people at complete opposite ends of the spectrum both in age, gender, lifestyle, and points of view yet such compelling and interesting statements regarding.... how we look...