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3320 Beacon Avenue South
Seattle, WA, 98144
United States


Fashion that functions in our modern world. 


our beginning

Mia Fioravanti

For most of my life I have striven to be self sustaining, mostly in business for myself.  Even when I worked for someone else, I was still in business for myself.  This past year I have been on a much deserved and much loved sabbatical to explore, travel, discover, think and make some major life changes. What I thought would be a quick transition actually took nearly nine months to finally feel settled and ready to start fresh.  That was a long, frustrating nine months because I felt like I was just treading water and could barely keep my head above on most days.  It took a trip to Mexico, traveling through huge cities, small towns, meeting a myriad of characters and after all the busy, ending at  the beach, having the space to answer all the unanswerable questions with a feeling of being ready to begin.  So here I am, and it isn't just me this time. I my doing this with daughters interest too.  We are pulling it all in under one heading, yet making sure that each of our voices will be heard and our ideas and inspirations realized.....