Love City Love

I would like to invite all of you who see this post to a show opening December 20, 2013. Please come!

Thanks, Mia

Closed Circuit Shop: an uninterrupted path of flow, a concept shop at Love City Love 

A sensory experience of artful shopping featuring designers Rachel Ravitch, Aleksandra Pollner, Et cetera, Oddinary, Ladies & Gentlemen, Faris, Mia Fioravanti, Kimberly Baker, April Pride, Lu, Gender by Ole Severson and curated products from Cairo, Prism & Nest.

This is Love City Love's first concept shop in its new home across from Sun Liquor at Pike & Summit. We've created a shoppable installation of locally crafted objects & goods. 

The installation stems from past and present observation of flow in the digital age and the direction it has propelled us in : towards craft, mindfulness, focus, collectivity, a longing for authenticity and new application of technology. 

Things to look forward to: an indoor zen garden, a toast wall, Claire Haranda video installation, aromas by Blackbird and buckets of Rainier at the launch party. 


Launch Party: Friday Dec 20th 8pm to 11pm
Shop Hours : Saturday Dec 21stSunday Dec 22nd & Monday Dec 23rd11am to 7:30pm

More about Lovecitylove

We are a community of artists who are passionate about the idea of a Seattle landscape in which the arts develop out of our relationships with each other. We have great love for our city, and hope to preserve its beauty and culture through dialogue and interaction. Now, more than ever, we feel the importance of maintaining authenticity amidst Seattle's ongoing development and growth. Consequently, Love City Love is centered on respect and continuity, while also fostering a new discourse of beauty, perspective, and progress with one another.

Our expansive West Wing is a multipurpose event space for gatherings of all types including dinners, photo / film shoots / screenings, receptions, lectures, large installations, pop up shops, meetings, classes and performance. The East Wing is a space of patronage and a chance to support creatives in our community. Profits from commercial events go towards group or solo shows, and short term residencies for creative talents of all sorts.