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3320 Beacon Avenue South
Seattle, WA, 98144
United States


Fashion that functions in our modern world. 


2016 in review

Mia Fioravanti

Here we our first year mark looking back on what has come to pass and what we are looking forward to. A yearly ritual of mine and now we are doing it in the context of our studio/store on Beacon Hill. 

It has been a really interesting year getting to know a neighborhood we have lived in for 11 years but never on street level like having a retail store allows. We have meet some really incredible people, and have been supported by our neighborhood and those from across Seattle and beyond. Observing behavior, shopping habits and what brings people back has been like studying social science. Creating a place of community and collaboration has been the most satisfying so far. Finding out after just one year what works, what sells and what we now feel we can put into a worthy mission statement feels good.

Letting go of the old and ringing in the new is what is on our minds. How do we move forward in a world so saturated with too much; too many clothes, too many things, too much of everything. Our ethos has changed, our mission is different. We are looking at what is the most important thing to do and yet stay creative and engaged in what we love.  That has been the burning question. Our commitment to doing what is right for the planet is number one! So this year we will be looking at what and where we source our materials. We are committed to using organic and local as much as possible, and we are, as always committed to paying a living wage to local manufactures. We are in the works with a mini up-cycled line which we have done for years but not for other people...

Our continued commitment to providing a beautiful gallery space for emerging artists to exhibit remains strong with monthly art exhibits already in full swing.  Our monthly markets, which will now be 'theme' based, begin with a fabulous jewelry line up on the first Saturday in February...and last but not least (and not really last), is our collaboration with other organizations and artists to share our space, bringing the arts to many, remains a key commitment for this coming year. 

So...stay tuned, stay informed, and remain vigilant against mediocrity...



Eco Fashion Week comes to Seattle

Mia Fioravanti

The first week of November brings Eco Fashion week to its first event in Seattle. Eco Fashion week has been happening with great success in Vancouver, BC for the past six years and they decided to bring it to Seattle this year!

 We have participated in our own shows and two other local shows, but pulled way back over the past couple of years because what was happening just didn't seem like a good fit for us. This show and the people behind it are really doing something right. They are bringing to the fore what is going on in fashion, how it affects our daily lives, the enviornment and the people who produce our clothing. This hits to the core of what we are all about. Small batch, locally produced, living wages and as little impact as possible. 

ECO FASHION WEEK - November 2/3, 2016 at Canvas in Sodo. Tickets on sale soon.

 Photographer: Miles Fortune / instagram: @miles_fortune /   Stylist: Rosie Bowker / instagram: @rosiebowker /   Hair and Makeup: Jamyrlyn Mallory / instagram: @jamyrlyn_mua /   Talent: Sarah at Heffner /

Photographer: Miles Fortune / instagram: @miles_fortune /

Stylist: Rosie Bowker / instagram: @rosiebowker /

Hair and Makeup: Jamyrlyn Mallory / instagram: @jamyrlyn_mua /

Talent: Sarah at Heffner /

Ethical Everything Children's Clothing

Mia Fioravanti

We just started carrying "Vermillion" children's clothing. These 100% cotton pieces are so wonderful in every way. The ethos behind them are based in truth, sustainability, eco all the way. 

My friends Kuros and Sandra lived in SE Asia for a year and while there developed a work/friendship with a group in Thailand who where fiber/fabric people. They did a Kickstater campaign and raised enough money to put out this line of children's clothing. The fiber is spun, woven, dyed, cut and sewn by this one group. It is all organic, hand made and home grown. We are very happy to have these little gems  in our store...

Stop by when you're in the neighborhood...

Stay tuned and enjoy...


Slow Food, Slow living, Slow Clothing.....slow dow

Mia Fioravanti

The idea of of the slow movement started with a fellow in Italy named Carlo Petrini in 1986, with slow food. Since then this idea has permeated every aspect of our lives. It is really nothing new, just re-imagined.


I grew up when life was much slower. My parents moved slower, we lived in a little town, food was home-grown, and home made. Many of our clothes were also made by hand, and things were simple. I hear from younger and older people how complex our lives have become.

I was in Sonoma County visiting an old friend a few years back and she was in the slow food movement there. I was very excited about that, and then had the opportunity to host a gathering with a bunch of strangers in Seattle around Nocino, an Italian liqueur made from green walnuts.  

Since that event, my life has slowed. Now we are in our store and it is evolving slowly. What we are choosing to do is create a place based on a simple lifestyle. Nothing here is extraneous. Clothing made of mostly natural fibers by our own hands, or the hands of a small manufacturer in Sodo. Linen bedding, bath and kitchen items, simple organic baby clothing, wool toy animals for the young around us and in us, wedding dresses made to order in a collaborative way, organic Beacon Hill made soaps either naked or felted and AAA organic, truly free-range, locally raised chicken and duck eggs and more... It is a place that invites you to linger...see, smell, taste, touch and feel. To be in a space that is filled with soft light, comfortable chairs, books to be inspired by, industrious people with lots of ideas enthusiastically living an artistic life. That is the kind of place we are creating.

We hope it resonates with you.

Stay tuned and enjoy.


We are open

Mia Fioravanti


With this "soft" opening we are getting familiar with this new block.

Who comes by everyday, our business neighbors and the greater community. It is getting very lively up here on Beacon Hill and we are very happy and proud to offer something new to the neighborhood.

Although we will still primarily focused on our own line of women's and soon to come, a more unisex line, we are expanding our vision.  We will be carrying our linens for home; kitchen, bath, and bed...soaps both naked and felted with wool, a little vintage that we pick up along the way with more.  Having this space allows us to imagine and use this opportunity to create what has only been imagined until now. It is an exciting time for us and we are excited to expand this into more of a lifestyle store. A place for people to gather, commune and expand.

Please pop by when your near us and check it out. The space invites you in to stay a while.

Stay tuned.

Mia and Wyadom

3063 Beacon Ave. S - Beacon Hill

Seattle, WA 98144

Tues - Sat / noon - 8pm

Sun / noon - 5

by appointment



What's going on in there? A clothing store with a hint of home...

Mia Fioravanti

Perhaps best described as a lifestyle store... that is the question and the short answer...I get a lot these days.

We are taking over a space on Beacon Hill in Seattle that has been shuttered for 15+ years and all of a sudden something is happening! The transformation has been nothing short of fantastic, and we are in the final stages of getting our studio/storefront open. It always takes longer, costs more and if you live in your fantasy world like I do, the reality is always different than what is imagined. 





It is a beautiful spacious space with 12 ft. ceilings and walls that go on forever. Perfect for art shows, photo shoots, presentations and gatherings of all kinds. This is nothing short of a lab...a place that is large enough to be flexible, open enough to hold small events, and our vision is to operate on several levels. We are first a women's clothing store, and under that category we sell our own very edited line, and make custom special occasion clothing; wedding gowns, brides made dresses and the like...all usually out of the ordinary on some level. Added to that, we are working on a men's line that could be best described as functional lounge wear, that could also be viewed as unisex...and not to leave out the wee ones in our lives,  we will offer a small selection of baby/young child wear. As organic as possible and at the least all natural fibers.  A combo of outside sourced brands and our own designs. 

We will carry a little bit of home... We love linen; linen bedding, bath towels, aprons, table cloths and napkins. This also means we will be able to offer custom on color and size. We will be offering our brand of vintage; things we find along the way that speak to us and beg-to-be-bought one-of-a-kind objects.

And last but not least, we will hold classes in sewing. They start in March and the first class is on basic sewing skills. You can find that information on our events page, more on that later.

Keep on the look out for our very soft opening, hopefully by mid to end of next week, February 19th ish... and a much larger, more grand opening in March. This is an ever expanding work in progress and an ever morphing experiment in living an artistic life...

Stay tuned and enjoy...

Mia and Wysdom

new year, new space.

Mia Fioravanti

Every space has its use. The thing about space is that it has to accommodate the activity within. We have been in a shoe-box sized space for 19 months. It has been very cozy and a perfect size to experiment. Now is the time to expand into a larger space to visualize, realize and accommodate our vision and activity.

A space that we have been coveting and meditating on for a long time just became available at the end of '15. It is the 15-year plus shuttered space next to Bar Del Corso on Beacon Ave. S. We just signed the lease!  It is currently being renovated. The 12-foot ceilings, wood floors and entire storefront exposure is beyond our wildest dreams and we are beyond excited to grow into this fantastic new space in this new year.  

Our projected "soft" opening will be mid-February...we are in intense doing mode.

Stay tuned and enjoy..

Planting bulbs. slow clothing and what it really means..

Mia Fioravanti

As we/I approach the end of 2015 it always calls for a little reflection on the year past.  When it comes to my business life, which I always try to relate to in some way on this website, it has been an incredible year of success, failure, rebirth and growth. I faced many demons, got very honest with myself of what I am good at, and what I am miserable at. There were moments when all I wanted to do was close the door, sell my house and buy a little hacienda in central Mexico and get inspired.  I did go to Mexico, I did get inspired but I didn't close my door nor sell my house, and in staying I discovered so much. I made it through the winter, Wysdom graduated and moved back to Seattle to work with me, and we found our focus...We visualized a new paradigm and it is all coming to is happening and that is the good news. Letting the old and tired fall away, and opening space up for the new and energetic...finding that stream of inspiration and taking it out by the bucketfuls..

Here's the end of the year and all we have learned, Bravo! And here's to the new year, a new beginnign and looking forward to all it has to offer...

Stay tuned and enjoy...

Winter is coming...

Mia Fioravanti

A beautiful day spent on the Teanaway River today shooting for winter. It felt so good to be in that that I miss every winter around here. The light was flat, the textures rich, the air very cold.  The snow started falling right on time...

Here's to winter...


..Do the Hot Pants!

Mia Fioravanti

Loving that Dana at Do the Hot Pants is loving my clothes...Here she is today...check her blog out!

Enjoy, and stay tuned...

My white cotton long shirt...It is nearly sold out...but let me know. I might have your size! $165.

Mia Fioravanti

I need someone to help me with my website. The tasks are typical and I don't think any of this will take that long. The perfect person has to have a few qualities and they are...

1.  Sense of humor

2. Creative

3. Is good at web design/development

4. Wants some new clothing made by us!

5. Is interested in an ongoing very part-time position... and who knows what the future will     bring?

Please contact me at:

Thank you and stay tuned...

...Do the Hotpants...again!

Mia Fioravanti

Here is Dana in one of my wrap pants in heavy silk crepe. She is wearing them high so they are super cropped. They can also be worn low slung and very loose. Made to order....250. per

Thank you Dana and enjoy!

Stay tuned...

...on transparency

Mia Fioravanti

We are finally rolling out this new look for the website and presenting our vision for this early fall to holiday. It is all about transparency. The clothing is mostly made of silk organza in black and midnight blue with a little silver grey mixed in. This for me has been a metaphor for my current way of living which is all about being transparent. I am what one would call an open book...nothing to hid, only open to the creative process, and possibilities.

Enjoy... and stay tuned.

Do the Hotpants

Mia Fioravanti

I follow "Do the Hotpants", a blog in New York and the star of the show is Dana Suchow..She decided to go on a "fast" fashion diet for a year and I contacted her to see if she would be into a little "slow" fashion from me. She went for it and today she published the first of a few photo shoots showcasing my work.

Take a look, check her out and...

enjoy and stay tuned.

Midnight Blue Silk Organza Wrap dress - $275. in small/medium and medium/large

Please contact me for more info and to order. 206.375.7446


....on working as a team

Mia Fioravanti

Once upon a time, long long ago when I was younger and full of myself,  I wanted to be recognized for me...time has taught me some very important lessons about that. While it is necessary to believe in yourself in order to achieve  success in what you pursue, it is also necessary to recognize that we rarely get there by ourselves. 

This summer has been one of those pivotal turning points in my business and understanding what it means to be working as a true team. The collaboration that happens and the ideas that flow through listening, developing and executing our ideas, comes from working together and communicating our needs, wants, desires and how we see it coming to life.

My daughter Wysdom is back, and she has brought an arsenal of talent with her. Her unwavering support and patience is amazing and we work well as a team. Our intern Jishnu, has been such an integral part of our workings this summer...he has been amazing. He is organized, focused and keeps everyone on task. We will miss him when he goes back to school in August. 

Our entry into making custom wedding dresses just keeps getting better and better and the dresses we are making are so individual and is very exciting.

Feel free to pop by most days between 11 and 7 pm

Stay tuned and enjoy.

....what is the meaning of success

Mia Fioravanti

Today on my morning walk with the dog, I pondered the age old question of what the meaning of success me, and how do others define their own success.

What conventional wisdom will say is that success is defined by how much stuff you have, and of what quality is that, car, clothes, trinkets...where did it come from, what store, what label, what brand...can define quality. When is enough enough, and when we reach that enough place is that success? 

A friend of mine once told me that that I am here is a success...I failed to ask her whether that meant my mere existence or that I figured out to have a studio in a cool building and I am doing what I love...whether or not my bottom line checks out or not...I suppose she is right either way...that we even make it through this life relatively unscathed is a success for much of the world. 

Some of us are made to succeed in the business world. Some of us are made to succeed artistically...some of us.....fill in the blank....

So as I was walking in the door after my walk, I realized that indeed I am a success. That I survived to this point, that I am doing what I love, that that love changes often, sometimes daily, yet i show up, and I am happy with how I spend my days. 

viva la vida!

stay tuned....and enjoy.

...Wysdom comes back.

Mia Fioravanti

When I first started this blog it was in the infancy of creating this fledgling company. My daughter Wysdom was on her way to San Francisco to complete her degree in Fashion Design. Now a few years later she is back with a degree in Technical Design for the fashion business. Along the way she discovered that her strengths are more geared toward the technical side of things and that designing, once one learns the process, can do that work, but that the technical side of this business is more interesting to her. 

So she is back, working with me and the one aspect of design that she is passionate about and has talent for is wedding and special occasion. She is in the design phase and we are working together to create a body of work which represents that passion and vision.

Stay tuned for the unveiling...