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3412 19th Ave. S.
Seattle, WA 98144


Fashion that functions in our modern world. 



I  grew up in the mid-west and the Rocky Mountains. It was in the mid-west where my  father owned and operated a woolen mill.  The mill was a multi-generational business, which was in operation for 100 years, closing in 1968.  The image of my mother getting dressed in clothing made from fabric that my father had produced had a profound impact. I began making my own clothing from a very early age. The process of designing and making clothing has been a life-long pursuit.


"While I love making beautiful designer-y clothing, I find myself drawn more and more to the clothes we live our lives in everyday. What keeps me coming back is figuring out how to do that with style and relevance. The conversations I have with women from all walks, sizes, ages and backgrounds goes something like this…who are designers designing for because it isn't really for me…for whatever reason, price, size, lifestyle. I aim to answer that question. 

The fabrics I choose are ones that move, and that you can wear everyday. The colors are muted yet have a great textural quality. I know how to fit a woman's body - the styles are body conscious and yet easily flattering on many shapes, and sizes.They have a modern perspective and aesthetic...clothes you feel sexy and pretty in without a lot of fuss."

I have designed a very edited, functional, layering, work-together and alone line. That line will stay steady with small changes here and there to make it better, more functional and stylish along the way. In addition to that work, I also add limited edition pieces in fabrics that I find a long the I might make just 10 of that garment in that fabric and those things are usually only available in my studio.  That remains one of my favorite things to do…and lastly I make one-of-a-kind wedding dresses. They are always a wonderful collaboration between me and the bride-to-be. What comes of this work together is usually nothing short of cathartic for both of us…it is a beautiful process.

The clothing is designed and manufactured in Seattle, making it a truly local operation. My studio/storefront has been open for nearly a year and watch for my "grand opening" in July  at 3320 Beacon Ave. S in Seattle. 

Staying true to the initial ideal, that is, honoring heritage yet remaining relevant to the times, inspires me.


Mia Fioravanti’s little black jersey dress is at once simple and sophisticated, one that women reach for again and again. She has a way of tweaking a slim silhouette to be infinitely flattering. Basic but not boring, it’s one of the mainstays of a hard-working wardrobe — high comfort and easy care.
— Lala at Momo in Seattle, WA
I had such an amazing time shopping with Mia. Her clothes are perfectly suited for busy women who want to look stylish, but want something easy. She truly knows how to fit a woman’s body no matter what her size and really makes clothes that make you feel sexy and pretty! I also love her fabric choices, they are super wearable, but comfortable. I feel like I can wear Mia’s pieces anywhere, casual or going out! I am a fan and forever customer!
— Gretchen Bell, Stylist, Seattle, WA

Walking downtown today at least a dozen people stopped to ask about my new denim jacket. The demographics ranged from people my age, to 20 – something girls, to a Young male street performer-Sales clerks in Barney's and Nordstrom,

I think this is going to be a winner!

- Amanda Twiss