Mia Fioravanti

Roots in the mid-west and Colorado, it was in the mid-west where Mia's father owned and operated the Lacon Woolen Mill.  The mill was a multi-generational business, which was in operation for 100 years, closing in 1968.  The image of her mother getting dressed in clothing made from fabric that her father had produced, made a profound impact. She began making her own clothing from a very early age, and the process of designing and producing clothing has been a life-long pursuit.

Wysdom Fioravanti

A recent graduate from the Academy of Art University with a degree in Technical Design for fashion, Wysdom brings her pattern making/design skills to FIORAVANTI.  She works closely with other interns and Mia to bring to life the ideas they work on collaboratively.

The Clothing

Our basic line is functional, it layers and it's a work-together and stand alone line. This line stays steady with small changes here and there to make it better, more functional and stylish. In addition to that work, we also add limited edition pieces in fabrics that are found along the way.. and those things are usually only available in our studio.  

The clothing is designed and manufactured in Seattle, making it a truly local operation.

Staying true to the initial ideal, that is, honoring heritage yet remaining relevant to the times, is what inspires us.